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Division of Reproductive Endocrinology, USZ
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Brigitte Leeners

Main goals, keywords

Role of hormones and hormone metabolites as well as their interactions in endometriosis, human reproduction, human sexuality, neurophysiology and female weight regulation. Gynaecopsychosomatic research.

Representative publications

Leeners B, Kruger TH, Brody S, Schmidlin S, Naegeli E, Egli M
The quality of sexual experience in women correlates with post-orgasmic prolactin surges: results from an experimental prototype study
J Sex Med, 10(5): 1313-9, 2013

Leeners B, Geraedts K, Imthurn B, Stiller R
The relevance of age in female human reproduction--current situation in Switzerland and pathophysiological background from a comparative perspective
Gen Comp Endocrinol, 188: 166-74, 2013

Tschudin S, Schuster S, Dumont dos Santos D, Huang D, Bitzer J, Leeners B
Restoration of virginity: women's demand and health care providers' response in Switzerland
J Sex Med, 10(9): 2334-42, 2013

Kruger TH, Leeners B, Naegeli E, Schmidlin S, Schedlowski M, Hartmann U, Egli M
Prolactin secretory rhythm in women: immediate and long-term alterations after sexual contact
Hum Reprod, 27(4): 1139-43, 2012

Leeners B, Stiller R, Block E, Görres G, Rath W
Pregnancy complications in women with childhood sexual abuse experiences
J Psychosom Res, 69(5): 503-10, 2010


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